Hi, I’m Brenton Mayer

I am a medical doctor from Australia and I work as a career coach for 80,000 Hours. I co-founded Effective Altruism Australia and the Run To Better Days. I’m trying to make the world as good as it can be.

  • 80,000 Hours is a non-profit working to help people have satisfying careers with a large social impact.
  • Effective Altruism Australia has raised over $1 000 000 to grant its partner charities which work to improve the lives of people in extreme poverty. We use the research of top charity evaluators to make sure we support the best charities in the world.
  • Run to Better Days exists to spread the idea of using our lives and resources to help others as much as possible. Since 2012, we have ran 4000 kilometres, spoke to 35,000 students and community leaders, and raised $80,000 for effective charities.

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